Music Review //
Shawn Desman

When I see this song titled "Maniac" I think that perhaps it is a cover of the 1983 classic by Michael Sembello, which was featured in the film "Flashdance".   Even though this is not a cover of that song, it seems okay because that song was long enough now that most people won't make that same connection.  

Musically this sounds like something modern in the sense of The Weeknd but something classic like Michael Jackson.   You can dance to it.   It has soul and feels like R&B.   Modern artists such as The Weeknd might come to mind as influences for the younger listeners but I also enjoy how this sounds like something from the 1980's or 1990's which would have been released on cassette.

There are a handful of artist these days making music that sounds like an older style of music, which in a way feels like paying tribute, and maybe Shawn Desman feels that same way but I think it's all about your influences and how you mix them together to craft your own voice.   Shawn Desman definitely seems to have that old school influence and someone who grew up listening to New Edition I do enjoy it.

With lines such as: "She's a maniac / But you always come right back" this song can be seen as either a positive or negative depending upon who you are.   On one hand, I suppose it stands to be a good thing to support others with their flaws and all.   At the same time it feels more like a life lesson of not continuing to go back to someone until they figure out their own life.  Either way, hopefully these words are a learning experience at least.  


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