Cassette Review //
Eyes and Flys
"Manic AM
(Tetryon Tapes)

"Manic AM" is a delightful cassette by the band Eyes and Flys and it has a rather distorted punk rock sound which can sometimes be on that verge of hardcore even.  Artists such as The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Tora Tora Torrance come to mind right away.  There are just these great distorted guitars and it feels like a party.

The third song- "New Way to Get It"- has garage melodies while "Coastal Access" can feel a bit more like something from that Nitro Records era of punk rock in the early 2000's or even Bouncing Souls.   Things do slow down a little bit and even get dreamy over the next two songs but then by "Black Flowers" there is a loud and crunchy feel which makes me think it has a little Nirvana in it.

"Everyday Life" is rather fast paced while the cassette ends on a song called "Fall Asleep with the TV On" which is quite trippy.  Overall this cassette has that punk/distorted/garage/hardcore sound to it that will attract the listener based just upon that, but it also has layers on top of that which will leave them coming back for more.


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