Music Review //
"Thinkin' Bout U"

The music of JSJ is definitely on the side of pop but it has several other factors coming out at the same time.  A song which should be all across the modern pop radio stations, JSJ perfectly blends that idea of hip hop with the idea of rock in a pop genre, which is something that can be heard individually on the radio right now but not together.

On one hand, there are artists out there that are along the lines of hip hop- with beats and that R&B soul- and they are on the radio.  You know who they are, you listen to the ones that you like and I don't feel like I need to drop names.  But I do feel like JSJ could go on tour with them and be rather successful in the meshing of sounds.

At the same time, something about these vocals and the way the music is presented feels symphonic.  They have that big stadium singing rock feel which is what the bands Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco have become in their latest sounds.   JSJ could just as easily fit in with them, as they are considered to be rockers.

This is such a chill and upbeat song; a way to get a conversation going.  And in the way that the lyrics present themselves that they are to open up the lines of communication between two people, this song can just as well serve as an icebreaker when it comes to music.  If you heard this on the radio you would definitely be able to discuss it further with someone who is hopefully thinking about you too.


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