Music Review //

The song "V." begins with vocals which come into music that has soul and also beats behind it.   It has a mellow feeling in the verses but the chorus kicks in big.  This just has that feeling of all of the modern women who are making music with first and last names.  Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo, etc.

Having the song titled "V." is interesting because it could stand for any number of words.  The chorus has the lines of: "I never wanted you to hurt like this / I became somebody that I don't recognize" and goes on to sing about not wanting to go home alone.   This could very well be the v-word of vulnerability.

At the same time, as the song goes on by the end of it you'll hear the line: "I got a taste of violence" and that makes me also wonder whether or not the v-word here is violence.   In some ways, this could be up to the listener to decide and maybe you'll even come up with your own idea of what the v-word could be.

Musically though this song just feels so powerful, like something you'd hear on the radio or if you heard it out in public at the right time you might just break down.   It's also not the beginning or ending of a relationship, but it's more about going through it.  And perhaps this song will help you through it or out of it- whichever might be best for you.


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