Record Review // Pain Chain "SOUL IMPRESSION" (Mutual Aid)

This begins with the loudest and harshest sounds you could imagine.   It's very much something that just grips you right away and has that electronic / industrial way about it, but ultimately just feels like harsh noise that is to the point where it will offend people.   Everything gets quiet as singing comes through now.

Lasers and beeping cut through into the way this next song feels like we're caught inside of a windstorm.   These little drops of distortion come through, like we're involved in some sort of laserblast type of war, just firing around at everyone.  I get that sense of laser tag, but I'm also thinking about just being in a spaceship and playing a game like Asteroids.

Distorted beats come out now like we're taking steps.  It's almost got a dance rhythm to it.  Then everything comes out all at once like a screeching, very loud and harsh.   We begin to slowly weave around, as if driving around the racetrack.   This is a lot of changing frequencies and just beeping through the static, but it's done at a quicker pace than I'm used to hearing and for that feeling of urgency I enjoy it more.

We're into the quietest song so far, but it is still loud.  Distorted vocals come through with droning tones behind them.   This takes us into a sound which feels both like metal beats (the actual banging on metal) but also like something within that 1980's / 1990's sound of hip hop, which I enjoy.   It's mechanical, but on a different level.   There is also that feeling of us being in a movie from that time and we're on some sort of adventure.

The sound comes blasting through with echoes.   This also gives off the sound of a video game glitching.   This takes us into this Double Dragon type of sound, which also has a lot of static over it.   But you can just feel those melodies coming through with the harshness of it all.   At one point, it can even feel like words are trying to come through.   It very much drops off with these "Phantom of the Opera" type tones to end and if you're into harsh music this is perfect for you.


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