Music Review // Caméra "Le Philtre"

This song is somewhere between rock and soul.  It has those elements of artists such as Flaming Lips and The Polyphonic Spree, where it can just feel like such a wild ride to take.  The way it moves.   It feels a little bit trippy, but it's definitely something which feels light and fun at the same time.

Though instrumental, at one point that sax begins to come through and we're slowly taken into a feeling of jazz.   There is also a way about this which just makes it feel like the score to an independent film.  It's not quite a full comedy and not quite a love story, but some characters are definitely stumbling around and dancing in the rain.

Moments make it just feel like an orchestra as well.  It feels like we're at this grand ball and this is the waltz.   The sound can just become so fancy, so proper that you feel like you should be wearing a tie while listening to it.  It does truly take me back to those old ballroom days of music.  

For an instrumental song, "Le Philtre" really does say a lot.  It makes me think of both the past and present at the same time.  Perhaps there is the sense of a short film in here where we follow around the life of a leaf, floating through the sky from place to place.  But that also might be animated in a Disney style way.   So much going on in one song is never a bad thing and you should press play just to have these same thoughts.  


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