Music Review // Baby Jey "I Can't Just Stop"

Baby Jey has stumbled upon pop magic with the song "I Can't Just Stop".   This should be on the radio along side artists such as AJR.   It's just so upbeat and catchy but not overwhelmingly so.   Through the electronics you can also hear what sounds like a xylophone at one point, but the big synths really bring this one home.

Lyrically this song raises an interesting point.   Anyone who has ever been addict will tell you how difficult it is to just give something up cold turkey.    I don't know why but I always think of cigarettes and how there are things like gum and "the patch" to replace them until you can free of them.   So why is it that we accept in these ways but not in a similar way with love?

It would certainly be interesting to try something where if you were seeing someone every day you slowly cut down the number of days until it became zero.  Just some kind of system being in place to sort of ween you off of that other person.   As the song says: "My heart is full of something I can't just block", but if that feeling can slowly be emptied then you could get over the other person easier.

There are layers to this song lyrically just as there are musically.  At some point it can take on this "Eternal Sunshine" type of idea, but I do think it's weird you spend all of this time with someone and then one day you just don't.   If no one develops a system to help with this, I'm at least glad that Baby Jey is addressing it here.  


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