CD Review // Arvo Zylo "Radio Feedback" (NO PART OF IT)

The idea of this being "Radio Feedback" is pretty neat.   There was always this concept of someone listening at home to their radio calling in, having their radio turned up too loudly and it created feedback to where the radio DJ would say "Whoa, caller! Turn down your radio!"  The way sound moves through all of these mediums is fascinating and Arvo Zylo explores it on this CD.

There is a lot of distortion in here.  It's static sounding.  At times there can be some Pong action, but then it can go into a more direct bug zapping sound.   This drones for quite a while and it can become overwhelming if you're not prepared for it.   There is also a certain feeling left on your ears when it stops playing and I need to know if there is a word for that (and if not someone needs to create it)

On CD this exists in five different pieces but if you listen to the stream on Bandcamp (or purchase the download part of it) you will get an additional three tracks which are about two and a half more hours of this!   Cassettes are part of vintage audio as is the radio and so this appeals to me greatly and I feel like it's something everyone who is a true fan of sound should have in their collection.  


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