This one begins with these distorted beats but then has sharp screeches coming through it, as if missiles are being fired.   Words are being spoken behind this all as well.   Big blasts now like sirens.   Static crackles now.  It's a failed transmission.   A phone call.   It gets quieter, but comes back with loud sharpness.  

Those Knight Rider type of synths come through next and then cut.   A ringing in a metallic way joins them.   Lightsabers and radio frequencies now, this one is driving.   Big distortion explodes now as those submarine beeps come in.   Loud sharpness now, as if to upset dogs.  I can hear my neighbors moving around, I'm not sure if they think this is a smoke alarm going off.

We go into a deeper distortion now, coming through in waves.    As we turn into a "Run Lola Run" type of electronic sound, other sounds come through as well.  It's that up and down breathing pattern which also somehow sounds like a frog that gets me.   This all just trails off into this sharp reel unraveling.   That sharp dog whistle type of frequency has returned as well.

The sound chomps like a static Pac Man and then the phone conversation from earlier returns.    We then begin this ringing on the eighth track which makes me think of a cash register for some reason.   Ticking now, it feels like a bomb but also big scissors you use to cut your bushes and such.   You can hear the frequencies changing, but this also reminds me drone somehow still.

A lot of screeching and squealing around now, this is loud and in your face.    Really sharp ringing is going to leave you with the same in your ears if you listen to this one either too loudly or too often.    Slow, distorted skips like footsteps bring this CD to its end, marching in perfect formation.  


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