Music Review // Naghmeh "Burn"

A lot of what can be heard in this song by Naghmeh is the guitar.   There are other instruments in here, but it is so much just guitar lead that it really becomes the main focus other than the vocals.   And with the song being called "Burn" and singing about fire, it's only fitting that at times this sound seems to reflect that.

Fire is such a strange concept that I don't think people really think about enough.  If you have a piece of paper and you set it on fire, the fire can consume the entire piece of paper.  When you extinguish the fire, there could be no evidence left that either the piece of paper or the fire itself ever existed.   It definitely feels like the past in this song is meant to be burned in such a way.

With sweet guitar solos and just an overall vibe like Tracy Chapman, there are the lines: "Burn till there's nothing left but you and me / The fire will set you free" and that's really powerful.  I know there are fires which cause tragedies, but this song reminds me of someone putting their past into a garbage can and setting a controlled fire to erase all traces of that time.  It's remarkable how it can be done.

Even if you don't want to start an actual fire (because there are laws and the general safety to consider) this song could be that spark which helps you set your past on fire.  Listening to "Burn" by Naghmeh could be that means of burning it all down without actually having to get too close to the heat.  And sometimes, yes, it just needs to burn.  


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