Music Review // WAASH "I Want To Be Good"

The sound of WAASH is just set to carry us away.  It's dreamy in that -gaze way and there aren't many artists to compare them with, which is good.   In some ways it reminds me of this mix of Kings of Leon and The Police.   It just has that same sort of energy and the music is up higher with less emphasis on the bass.

The most important line during this song about being good is "Now it's all on me".  I believe we control our own destinies.  Whether or not you are good is a reflection of you.   Our parents can teach us to be good growing up and we can have all sorts of positive influences around us, but at the end of the day, it comes down to what you choose to do as an individual. 

Life is constant.   In this music video there are three screens.  At one time, you can see grass blowing in the wind, water flowing like a stream and cars going on the road.   Everything is movement and such is life.  We're always going forward- from the present into the future.  We can't look back at the past.   

Who you were yesterday isn't as important as who you are right now.  And neither of those are as important as who you will be in the future.  Using this song by WAASH as a guide, I think we can all come together for a better future starting right now.  


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