CD Review // Pain Chain // Idol Brain "Soul on Fire"

Distortion comes through in waves.   Singing joins it and this feels like harsh noise with this lullaby type of singing, almost like a song for children but it's obviously not.  It just has that same sort of melody- the singing does- as something children might sing on the playground.   Laser shots are fired through as well.  

This takes us into a song where it feels more like a haunted chanting for the vocals.  It's calm, droning and peaceful as lasers are behind a quieter distortion now.   This feels like somewhere between Enya and harsh noise.  

Sharp synths come through as we enter the Idol Brain part of this split.  Beats come in now and this feels like an electro dance number.   It feels also like we're in a sci-fi movie from the 1970s.   Synths come in like a fun carnival ride on the next song as the lyrics ask "Who is the man with an upside down pyramid for a head?"  I'm not sure I've seen him, but if someone tells me who he is I'll likely agree.

This takes us into a song with these serious Law & Order type of synths and I believe it says "In dreams I'm bleeding infinitely".  I really like how this is experimental music but with poetry as lyrics.   The final song has this beeping synth way about it but it sings like a rock song, almost like some sort of Nine Inch Nails song, but this is just so beautiful overall.  


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