Cassette Review // Folk Punk Dad "Brainstorm"

Folk Punk Dad stays true to his roots as being punk on this cassette because it is not available online.   That isn't to say that you can't buy the cassette online but you can still stream the songs on Spotify or Bandcamp.  Nope, these ten songs are all exclusive to this cassette and if you contact him nicely he might send you one but I got this at a show and suggest that you do the same.

This sound is mostly singing with an acoustic guitar, though on the second song the pace of words gets fast like rapping almost.  What I enjoy most about this cassette isn't just the lyrical content which appeals to me, as a person with mental illness, but also there is this raw quality to the cassette as well.  

At times, you can hear in between songs when the stop button is pressed and that just gives it this realness that I think can be found only on cassette.  But at the same time, I feel like it makes these songs that much more relatable.  You have to imagine Folk Punk Dad in his bedroom of his apartment just playing these songs into a tape recorder.  That's something we could all do, if we had the talent, and so that human aspect makes this cassette all the much more excellent as well.  


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