Music Review // Dany Horovitz "Be Good"

Dany Horovitz has created a beautiful song with "Be Good" that is also just a message I think more people should hear.  Through acoustic guitar strums and some other strings behind it, this is very minimal but the words are there and should be focused on.   While the title is "Be Good", and that is in the song, there is a deeper meaning here as well.

I've always felt like whatever you believed in terms of morals, laws, religion, etc the end message should always just to be good and do good.  I also believe that you get what you put into the world, so if you're good then good things will come back to you.  In the chorus you can hear the lines: "Be true / Do your best" and I think in many ways that's what life is about.

Though I feel like social media has done more harm than good, I do think that there is this common bond people can form over social media  Even if it's just us thinking that we also stay up late at night thinking about something we said ten years ago and we see it in a meme.  Being able to relate with someone in that regard is huge and as the lines in this song say: "You'll always have regrets / And you'll always feel a little strange / But everybody feels the same / There's nothing we can change"

They say that depression is the focus on the past and whether or not you believe that, the past is done and we can't change it.   All we can do is try and do better, try and be good now and going forward.  I think this song is an excellent reminder of that.  I'm not the same person I was five years ago- no one really is- and if you're on the right path then hopefully people see that and you can sleep a little better at night.


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