Music Review // Allen Dobb "Here and Now"

Allen Dobb has created a nice country / rock song which has a sweet guitar solo in it.   I feel like there is a lot of longing in music and in country music especially so this song does not disappoint in that way.    The chorus says "You were always looking for greener pastures" and then asks "What about here and now".

At first, I feel like this song is talking about just appreciating what you have.  People say they'd love to be millionaires, but a lot of them would get a million dollars and then want two million.   There is just that idea of never being satisfied, always looking for more.   While that is partly what this song is about and a good lesson for everyone to keep in mind, this song seems to go deeper than that.

There is a line in here that says: "You try to make it on the circuit / Never home and always high".  I assume "the circuit" is like bull riding and then this just makes me think that this song is about the absent father.  I know that is a topic which many people can, unfortunately, relate with and so on that level this song does have that appeal.

But whether you think of this song in either way, the fact remains that it's about just really appreciating what you have.  As kids, we always want these new toys and then end up not playing with the toys we already have at home.  I think instead of wanting what we don't have, we should spend more time enjoying what we do have.  That's the best reason to listen to this song.  


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