CD Review // Scott Scholz "Whip Sigils" (NO PART OF IT)

This album begins with a lot of electronic synths, just driving around and as the speed increases so does the sharpness.  It drifts off and becomes dreamy guitars now.   It all gets quite loud, as a burst of Hendrix sounding guitars comes through.   This turns into the second track, which becomes more delicate guitar plucks to start.   There is a little bit of that "Desperado" feel in here as well.

At the third song we go deep into the bass of these sort of chanting tones.   This sort of church type singing continues on with drum machine beats and acoustic plucks.   This goes on and just becomes rambling by the fifth song.  The guitar strums are just tripping all over themselves here.   Static comes through with it all and then just stops.   Something about this sound just feels holy.  

Everything grows quiet as if it is the end, but the sixth track comes back with these loud echoing synth tones.   Somehow, underneath all of this sound, I'm also left thinking about the holidays and how there are certain Christmas themed songs which I feel like come out within here as well.   That might just be me, and it might just be suggestive because I'm reviewing this at that time of the year, but I certainly do hear it and feel like it's clever.  


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