Record Review // Joseph Allred "What Strange Flowers In The Shade" (Feeding Tube Records)

Magical string sounds turn into this overall music box sound, like someone is winding it up and watching a ballerina or the such dance around in a circle.  It's not quite a music "box", but something along those lines.   This all drops off into lower but still dreamy strings.   This sound is very beautiful and tranquil.  

There is a very magical, harp type sound on "The Ruins" and then we go into the third song which has more of these organ tones briefly droning in and out.   This also feels like church music if only because I imagine it being played on one of those organs you see at church.   

This takes us into a song which sounds like strings are breaking apart before it just dives into this very ambient and FNL type of sound.  I just imagine driving across America, the countryside passing by out of my window.  It's something that while listening to it, you can just be put into a trance so it's also better for viewing while you're stable versus listening to it while driving and ending up blanking.

The sound continues heavenly now, as we're stroking the harp of the angels.   By the last song, saxophone is coming through with percussion, as you can hear the cymbals crashing.  This whole song has the vibe of some old detective in black and white talking about how in all of the bars in the world why did she have to walk into his.  I can see the smoke and noir already.  


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