CD Review // Arvo Zylo "333" (NO PART OF IT)


This begins with light-hearted beeping, which just feels like we're bouncing around and having fun.   There are these sounds which sort of feel like squealing, almost like the way a cassettes rewinds as well.   Eventually, these sounds take over the entire song and it just becomes this screeching where I feel like a VHS tape rewinding machine is being used to create it.

We drop off into a more industrial sound now, you can hear the metal clanking.  This just feels like we're deep in a basement, it's somewhat haunted.   Beeping comes in with organs which makes it sound like we're in a funeral home now.   It begins to move, back and forth, but still in that squeaky static way.   An emergency type beeping drone and we've drifted off into static.

A banging of sorts now creates a beat.   We're headed right back into that industrial sound.   This takes us into a groove now which feels like an old school SNES video game but also just has some horror undertones to it.   Beeping through that static still.  

Glitchy distorted synth drops like bombs now.  A sharp, mechanical loop now which feels like a cash register on error.   Higher frequency tones now make it feel as if we're going to be taken away into the clouds of a video game.   The keys come back in and this is just distorted chaos by this point.   We're definitely moving now and then some harsher glitching distortion comes through.   

A sound like whipping is coming through now.  We're very much into some video game sounds now and it's quite fun.   A certain static electricity makes its way on the next song now.  By the end it feels like we're falling apart on some amusement park ride as there is that overall carnival type of sound going on.  


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