Cassette Review // Urine Hell / NÜDE "Split" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

One of the benefits of cassettes is being able to do a split and so I do enjoy whenever I can find a split cassette because it can mean listening to one or two artists for the first time.   I don't believe I know either of these artists, but I love the name Urine Hell because I'm always that type of person who laughs at dumb things like if someone says "You're in trouble!" I'll say "Haha you said urine!"

Urine Hell has this sound where they start speaking and it turns into growling.   This is heavy like Nora, but it also has elements of Nada Surf being mixed with something metal.  To me, it feels more like Nada Surf than Suicidal Tendencies.  But this also just reminds me of artists such s Converge, which is a plus.

NÜDE comes through with thrashing and screaming.   This is metal for sure, reminding me of Old Gray, Refused and Detcord Noose.   There are several times during these two songs where you can pull out lyrics to quote, but by the end you'll hear the line "You look ugly when you cry" and that might be all that you're left thinking about.  

Cassette splits can be fun because you have two artists on one that aren't really related.  With this split though, both Urine Hell and NÜDE feel like they could play a show together.   Even to see them both come here and play a show with Detcord Noose, Chopx7, Doom Beach, etc... we have the scene for it and I'd love to see it.


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