This begins with a sense of ambient distortion which makes me think of a carnival but then it switches over into that sound which I feel like goes with film and could be the score to an independent movie.   Words are spoken through these dreamy guitar notes now and it feels like what the beats were to their form of poetry, this is to poetry in the form of ambient music accompanying it.

An electric guitar comes through now, feeling somewhat haunted.   Words are spoke now as we go into the third song.   With a ringing, we go into beeping and then dive off into this modem static.   This takes us into a song which has these jumbled radio frequencies coming through.   Words are spoken through the ringing of the drone.   Some pretty guitar strums come through now.   Words are spoken by Michael Slyne now, as the guitars remain dreamy.

A quieter drone takes us into the fifth song, which begins to drift into an abyss.  Words are spoken again, like poetry, and this is a ringing drone sound that feels like bagpipes.   The final song has this feeling an insect, where it just feels like it's flying around.  It's kind of like if you take a helium filled balloon and let the air out of it, as it flies around the room deflating.  But this moves much slower until we reach the end.  


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