Cassette Review // Jeffrey Alexander "Enchanted Undiscovered Places"

As this cassette begins with acoustic guitar strums, so come through these winding, alien-like tones that make me think of Porno for Pyros.   Guitar strums on the next song bring in this Old West feeling with the bells and the way it just feels dreamy yet also trippy.   You can hear acoustic guitar notes plucked now as the sax comes blaring through.   This whole cassette so far feels both dreamy and trippy, as it's just something you want to listen to outside on a warm summer day.

We end up in some just beautiful acoustic guitar sounds, which also have these sounds which make it feel like we're out in the middle of nature.   It's interesting how these songs can change pieces of them but certain pieces like the acoustic guitar can remain, and then carry over into the next song.  All of this can make it feel like we're in the same space, but then the idea of being out on the grass on a bright and a sunny day shifts to one of being in the middle of wilderness.  

On the flip side we begin with a pulsating sound, like an engine or helicopter blade.   This brings on a big western sound, like we're about to go have a shoot out in such a way, but there is also this croaking sound like a frog.   Vocals come in now as well.   It has those elements of us going through the desert on a horse with no name.   This becomes a walk through instrumental with some buzzing.

This takes us into this slower, more somber saxophone lead song now.   The longer it goes on, the more it just feels like it's taking us off into space.    This becomes a more upbeat song which has these rhythms and overall concepts such as Flaming Lips meets The Love Boat.   We shift into this dance of notes which start off like they're going to be played in full, but then they just get cut off like they're dancing and buckling at the knees.  It's an interesting idea for animation and I think this whole cassette can just put images into your head.  


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