Music Review // The Rumble Wagon "through the dark"


The sound of The Rumble Wagon begins like Counting Crows for me, but as it goes on it can change.   There is an element of folk/country within this rock but by the chorus you begin to feel the keys, hear the soul and think of an artist such as Bruce Springsteen or Meatloaf.  There is a big old revival within this sound.

There are a lot of great lines of wisdom within this song.   One says that you: "Gotta learn to turn your back on yesterday", which just feels like that sense of accepting that the past is over and you can't change it.  I feel like our obsession with changing the past comes simply from being human and making mistakes.   It'd be so much easier if we could all just admit we make mistakes and though we did that yesterday we'll try harder today and move forward.

We also have a line like: "You can't fake what you've got to earn".  I believe anyone who tries to do something and is not genuine about it is going to get found out.  I also believe that if you have a strong passion for something and people can feel that, then you're going to do well.  In music, for example, if you're really about the lifestyle you sing about then I think your music will catch on and you'll have a great future.

Overall, I just hear this song and it makes me want to move.  There aren't really songs in this style as much, though through the 1980's and 1990's it felt like it would've fit in more.  But then the messages within the song are also like these little words of motivation and inspiration being sent while enjoying the music itself.  It's definitely a song to get yourself hyped up with.  


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