CD Review // German Army "Urheimat" (rotten / trash)

This is a mini CD so you need to make sure you have the proper player for this.  Usually, the disc trays in computers have the smaller circle in them as well.  All I know is, if you put this into your car CD player, who knows where it might end up.  

Distorted beats and organ drones begin this one.  It has a nice feeling of being both inside of a dance club or "Resident Evil" while also border-lining a church hymn.   A different type of beat now- more like Law & Order swipes- and this takes us into a darker place, like a sewer but also it just feels like an old SNES game loading screen.

The feeling now becomes more like a cop movie or like we're on a train trying to flee from the police or otherwise law enforcement.   It's that North By Northwest vibe but in a modern way.   There is both an eerie and ambient sense to this now.   Slow starting like an engine now.   Dance beats are coming in and this feels like it's going full "Alias".   

It's quiet and somber with the occasional laser blast going through.  The dance party did not last.   Beeping frequencies coming through now, as if we're receiving a transmission.   Lasers cut through now and this has an air in the background.  It feels like the way a kitchen can sound to percussion only with electronics instead.  


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