Music Review // Raveen "In The Middle"

Raveen begins this song softly, but it ultimately kicks in with big beats.   There is something gothic about this electronic rock which can remind me of Hozier.  I don't think there is another artist as well known or as easy to compare this with as to say Hozier, so we can just stick with that.

Slow paced, this song feels sad and in some ways because as the lyrics point out, he is stuck in the middle.   One of the lines I particularly enjoy within this song is: "If I seem afraid / it's cause I mean what I'm saying" and people always underestimate how it can feel to really stand up for yourself and speak your mind.

At the same time, if you feel like you're in the middle of something and you don't want to be any more- you want to be on one side- then this song might help to get you there.  There isn't always an easy path from Point A to Point B, and Raveen might not be able to speed up your journey but at least this is a song to listen to on your way.

I also just enjoy that even though I can compare this with Hozier, that's really the only person I feel like I can compare this with.  The fact that more music doesn't sound this powerful and emotional at the same time, with layers while the sound itself comes out minimal, is strange to me, but Raveen is doing it right.  


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