CD Review // Bryan Day + Dereck Higgins "Woven Territories"

A slow slide into a sharp note.  This has air about it and can feel just as easily like it is outside, someone struggling to get into their car perhaps, as it can feel as if it is being launched into space.    The sound of rewind now and then that lead pipe roll.   This, in turn, becomes quite loud and distorted.   It feels mechanical as metal is being hit in a gong type way.   Slowly, this begins to feel as if it is expanding as well.

Electronic reels like rodents.   Squeaky hinges.  Walking through the mud.  A little bit of sonar now.   Harsh sounds come through now like a swarm of insects.   Big, electronic pinball type sounds drop now.   We go into the second song with bells ringing like The Undertaker.   Distorted static comes through.   Strings come through like magic but there's still that feeling of haunted space.  

A scraping comes through with delightful tones, making this feel both hollow and beautiful at the same time.  It's like being trapped down in a well but at least the sun is shining and you have happy thoughts somehow.   Strings also feel like they're ascending upwards and about to break.  Those same sounds of scraping and walking footsteps come into the next song.  Laser shots are being fired through.   Slowly beeping and rattling now, the song continues. 

Bottles sound like they are dropping and the feeling of that train engine begins to increase speed.   A scratching now which sounds almost like chickens.   This grows intense and it just feels like we're on our path.  I feel like I can hear that train whistle blowing in the background, but then the tone slightly changes and I'm beginning to feel something else.   Rather than some big explosion, this whole piece ends quietly, just sort of trailing off.  


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