Music Review // Joey Stylez "The Wild"

Joey Stylez is back with another song in the hip hop realm.   This has singing in the chorus and rapping during the verses.  I really like a lot of the points that this song is making, so let's deep dive into them.   At one point, Joey Stylez says that your social media is fake and later on he also uses BBL as an analogy for something being fake.   There is a lot of fakeness out there in the world today.

A lot of this song and the music video itself reflects getting paper, which is about money, and in some regards this is the most important thing that there is.  It's funny to me that I don't hear more songs about money because you need air to breathe, food and water, but yet man has created this thing called money which you also need to live.

Money is also this Catch-22 of sorts where you can have either too much or not enough and still feel like it's a struggle.   The fact that people are out there, living in million dollar mansions while other people are homeless really needs to be something we talk about more.  But so many people aren't ready for that conversation.

During this song there are these tones that make me think of a video game and so during the music video there is also this moment where it turns into a video game.  I enjoy that this music video really looks like what you would expect from a hip hop song so everything about this audio and video just fits together so well.  


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