Record Review // John Krausbauer & David Maranha "s/t" (Public Eyesore Records)

The duo of John Krausbauer and David Maranha bring two songs to this 7" record, with one on each side.   At about ten minutes in total, I do enjoy when artists get together to make records such as this because maybe the two didn't want to collab for an hour or more.  Sometimes it's nice just to have that sampling, to put ten minutes into the world and then if there is a need for more, hey, they can always make more.

This sound is full of those heavily distorted Hendrix like droning guitars combined with other sounds which can feel like strings and electronics at the same time, coming through in a hectic way.   The beauty in this music is that it can be both soothing in a calm way, like you're just floating aimlessly through space and at the same time it can be so complex and overwhelming that you might not know how to properly handle it all.  


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