Cassette Review // The Electric Nature "The Skies Parted And All The Angels Fell From Heaven" (Elderdown Records)

An ominous sound begins to bring in these electric insects.   A droning tone comes through and it sounds like there is singing behind it in a humming way.   A deeper sound now, as it feels like we're going off into the woods.    It becomes haunted feeling now, like we've unlocked some ancient secrets we weren't supposed to.   Robotic vocals coming through now.  Croaking or creaking, I'm not sure.

An organ drone sits behind this all and then a laser comes through wavy.   Notes begin to ring through now and I'm reminded of medieval times, as I feel like someone has just dethroned the king and taken over the castle.  I even feel like I can hear the laughing behind it all.   But this is also a lot of dreamy guitar sounds.   A little rattling comes through as well now.   Then the ringing of a bell as well.

The sound now feels like it's winding down, but it's also cutting through the air at the same time.   It's echoing with sharpness behind it and just that overall feeling of being haunted as well.   A little bit of those Transformers vibes are in here as well.   A screeching now feels like a dying bird or perhaps a car alarm.   The way we roll to the end sounds like we're doing so on a flat tire, just making it over that finish line.

On the flip side now we slowly begin with these pulsating beats like Pole Position.   There is an air of distortion behind this which seems to be setting the mood for a long drive as well.   Vocals come through in short bursts as do laser blasts.   A ringing, almost like bagpipes, can be heard coming through now as well.    Now we get a sense of sonar or a distress signal being sent through Morse Code.

The longer this drone goes for the more it feels like we're just dropping off into nothingness.   It feels so hollow and empty, but slow buzzes seem to be bringing us back up to the surface now.    This does have that triumph like bagpipes behind it now, as the drone carries on and beeps coming through at times as well.   It's getting squeaky now as we get going, where it feels like a string instrument such as a violin is being played, but it still has this sense of space about it all.  

A slow sharpness is driving us now.  It doesn't feel like drone so much as it feels like we're just in a cloud of this sound.   It all just feels like it's hanging here, over our heads and into our ears.   Those specific space whirrs come through now, as the sound like bagpipes also fills the background.   As we reach the end it feels like it just slowly fades away.  


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