CD Review // Pain Chain "The Omens in My Bones" (Mutual Aid)

We begin with this ringing, an echoing like a homing beacon, and it seems to be getting louder.   This becomes some of these space whirr sounds, which just cut through and makes it feel like we're floating through space now.    Distorted screaming comes through now, like haunted trapped souls.

A chanting now, winds through with these deep drones, and turns into singing.   Louder ringing comes through now as the singing begins to overlap itself and this turns quite intense.   Quiet singing now on "Energy Field" with the sound of crickets.   A little sharpness coming through.   The sound whistles through now with hissing like a snake.  

Big synth bursts come through now and then it feels like an alarm.   Tiny tones like Pac Man now, into a screeching sort of rhythm.   Birds are in here now.   Electronics cover the ambient background and as we go into the next track it becomes only that ambient drone to start.   Singing can be heard behind this all now and then words are spoken.   Magical sounding synths come into this all now as well.  

An ambient drone and singing come through on "Twisted Flesh", which reminds me of something like Enya or Kimbra.   There are these organ drones in it, which are nice, and it just feels so calm and peaceful.   A little bit of sharpness comes in on the last song, but it carries over a similar sound.  


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