CD Review // Underwear "Farmer's Guide to Dance Music"

This is the newest of the Underwear CDs I have, as it came out in January of 2023, which is almost a year it's been out for now as I type this but it is still also one of the newest.  Right away, I will say if you've ever wanted to listen to the music of Underwear but weren't quite sure where to start, "Farmer's Guide to Dance Music" would be the perfect place.   While it's full of original songs for this specific release, in many ways, if you've listened to as much Underwear as I have, this feels like a greatest hits album.

The lyrics can range from staying hydrated to reasons why he threw his socks away.   Some of these songs are instrumental while others are just full of loops and lyrics.   There are different numbered tracks called "Radio Tahini" which feel like we're having someone on the radio talking with Underwear in between songs.   This is an interesting concept and brings more life to this album overall.

Through soul and beats, there is an acoustic guitar on "Pressure Cooker From the Dairy Isle", while some static comes through on "Lie About It".   Singing leads to dancing with some clicks on "Locked in the Pond".   "The Elm City Shuffle" is a synth party, bordering on Stranger Things.  "Ocean Floor" is perhaps the most Underwear song on this CD and it just represents this style so well overall.   This is my favorite album that Underwear has done so far and everyone should listen to it at least once.  


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