CD Review // Dave Fugiewicz "Selected Works, 1990-1997" (NO PART OF IT)

We begin with a song which sounds like a pinball machine glitch but with static waves coming through supersonic sounds as well.   The synths come through like video games, but they also expand as if we're in space.  Overall, this has a very spatial sense of sound, which is weird because there is no sound in space.  It does feel like we're floating in space, stuck aboard an aircraft that might never return home.

"Tetrahedral Fusion" has these small beeps in it which remind me of robots and having those robots help you in space is just such the perfect genre for me.   The sounds can also feel like they're going up now and disappearing.   The sound grows a bit more mechanical now and also somehow wider on the next song.   That overall feeling of synths in space returns on "Anger In My Cries".

Sharp, loud blasts come through like fireworks.   The sharpness is also growing louder, even sharper.   Big organs are coming in now, like Phantom of the Opera, but this still feels like it's set in space somehow and I like that about it as well.  I imagine some gremlin type creature running around a spaceship, causing trouble and no one is really quite sure what is happening but they know that their fate is sealed.

The way these sounds whirr by can also make it feel like we're on some space highway or even something out of Tron.   More ambient tones come in now and it feels like we're floating.   Those Transformers synths come through like lightsabers now as well.   Delicate bell tones come through now as well and this always reminds me of Christmas.  I feel like elves are making toys at Santa's Village.

A door opens now.  Heavy breathing.   In a rapid fire pattern, the synth is transforming now.   This turns into a song now where the synths come in with this pattern that fades in and out.   There is that jingling again, such as the pinball machine.   This can also take on the sound like a carousel ride, but in an almost glitch manner.   "Vortex Generator" sounds like an intergalactic baby mobile while "Mutant Intervention" then takes us into the depths of space.  


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