Music Review // M'Grasker "She's Drugs"


"She's Drugs" hits hard and it its fast.   M'Grasker has a sound that is rock but very much feels like punk at the same time because of the speed.   It isn't just that the music comes through at a fast paced, the vocals very much join it as this whole song just feels like a lot happening in a short period of time.

The way this is distorted reminds me of The Hives but there is also this more upbeat way about it which makes me think of The Vandals.  This definitely gives it more of that punk leaning and as the chorus has starts and stops I'm also reminded of The Mr T Experience.  I suppose that in some ways I enjoy this because it reminds me of those punk bands from the early LOOKOUT Records era.

As the song states that "She's Drugs", it's not that uncommon to become addicted to a person.   Sometimes it's just out of habit, but when you really feel like you're falling in love you can become like an addict.   For some people, in some situations, it might be even worse than being a drug addict because it feels like something you should have more control over but you don't. To be fair, you have to kind of seek out drugs where as a person can text you and lure you right back in.

If you've ever felt like you've been in a relationship where you were just under the spell of someone else, would do whatever they said without question and all of those sorts of ideas, then this song is for you.  It is both something you can hopefully relate with lyrically at first, but later realize that maybe someone else being like drugs isn't the healthiest relationship to be in.  


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