Music Review // Fellow Camper "Left To Go"

The sound of Fellow Camper is one that is slow paced and soft.   This really feels like them living up to their name in a sense because this feels like the type of song you might play around  camp fire.   The only difference is that there are some serious strings in here, which gives it more than just that acoustic strumming with vocals vibe.

I like the idea of being "Left To Go" because it always feels like there is something left to go.  I like to divide my cassette reviews, for example, into groups of ten or so.  This means when I've reviewed a certain number I think about that number that I have left to go.   It's subtraction, really, but it can come up in any number of ways.

As Fellow Camper sings this song though, with the lines: "Now the nights are slow / In Toronto / Where'd the feeling go / Is it somewhere left to go" there is a different meaning.  It makes it feel as if the love is somewhere we have not yet been but that we do have to go through.  If you were traveling from Point A to Point B, it would be somewhere before Point B but that you had to visit before reaching Point B as well.

This song asks the question "How can we know" and in many ways that is the ultimate thought.   The thing about life and love is that we don't always know it's the end until we get there.  So our destination and our places left to go might not be as clearly defined as on a road map, so you don't really see them as you're traveling.  But once you reach them, in hindsight, they become so clear.  


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