Music Review // Alex Coley & Afterlove "Silent in my Car"

With sounds like Shawn Mullins, this song has this rock with a little bit of country and folk mixed into it.   The pacing can be slow, but it's steady.   It's not so much a ballad as it is an anthem and I enjoy that it can have these sad undertones but feel like it's lifting you up at the same time.  This is just the power of music.

There is something to be said for someone who can be "Silent in my Car".   A lot of people feel like they have to be constantly talking, constantly hearing their own voice, or else they won't feel like they're relevant.   I can talk for hours about certain things but I also feel like there is a time when you need to know when to be quiet.  Especially when you're in the car, if you're in for an hour long drive you never want to be thinking "Is this person going to tell this story for the whole hour?"

Lyrics such as: "It'd be easier to hate her / But it'd be much more painful in the end" ring true as this song doesn't just touch upon how two people can form this unspoken bond, but also that sometimes you get into these moments where you think it's over but you really need to stick out for both of you.

This isn't really a breakup song.  It's not the type of song you're going to want to hear after a breakup.   It feels more like a song to put on when you're at a point in a relationship when you feel like you should end it but then you don't.  You fight, but you work it out.  And there need to be more songs in this category for sure.  


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