Record Review // Bad Trips "Melted Teenagers"

This record begins slow and warbly with some tones coming through.  It has a slow engine with bursts of triumph feel to it right away.   It's that sound of a sheet of metal dancing while also taking us away to a magic place.   The water is about to boil over.   As we get into the second song it begins to feel more like an insect buzzing around in space.  

As we get further into this it begins to get louder, with these moments like lasers just cutting through sharply.   This has really just become some wonderful noise now.   This turns into very high pitched sharpness which is going to wake up some local dogs for sure.   Video game sounding Pong beats drop, but this remains at that higher frequency.   It can not be as sharp at times, but that also tends to see drop off into loads of static.

Singular notes now come through like a video game from the Atari era.   This is accompanied by sounds which does make this feel like we're in a horror film.   There are also those feelings of lightsabers coming through.   We then begin to drive, where it feels like we're really taking off around a racetrack, as sharpness comes through with it.  

A lot of electronics are coming through now, beeping like droids.  We shift into the basement again, that feeling of both being haunted and overcoming some sort of mythical quest.   A little rattling comes in behind this all as well, sort of like a snake hissing.   It feels quieter but then loud sounds come through which feel like a trumpet but I don't think are.   More sounds like lasers cutting through the ambient drone as well.

Winding through the frequencies now as guitar notes sound like percussion of doom.   This takes us into some pretty heavy distortion.  It has that water sound to it as well, sometimes it goes up like the video game keys, and it's just driving.   Everything feels like it's just moving until it isn't there any more and that's how we know we have taken off.  

[Fun Fact: Photobucket, whom I pay to host my photos, chose to remove the image which appears on the opposite side of the above posted image.  If you want to see it for yourself, I suppose you're going to have to buy the record!]


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