Cassette Review // Ambigere "I Fell In Love With That Smile How Am I Supposed To Forget It?" (MooseHaus Records)

This begins slowly, and with a quote from "Dark Shadows", as these synths come in with pulses and then everything gets increasingly louder, just wiping out all other sound around it.   Underneath it all, there is an eerie sense.  Driving now, it's growing in both size and speed.   The sharpness coming through feels like electronic wheels, and just when you feel like we might be driving fast enough to go off of a cliff we take this turn into further electronics.

It all slows down to this bugzapper way, sharpness, and then there is another quote about the world being in the daylight.   A blast of distortion comes through now.   Words come echoing through these sounds and then we go into an audio clip about there being fates worse than death.  Electronic distorted blasts now, like we're powerwashing with electricity.   Another audio clip and we go into this drilling / beeping mix.  

We begin the flip side with a flapping sound, as if something is stuck in the dryer, and then it goes into more mechanical screeches.   Everything feels like it's winding and floating through space, but then it comes crashing down with these huge blasts of distortion.   There is a locomotive sound to this now, but it is also screeching through sharply.   Words can be heard coming through here now.  

It feels like we're glitching now, but we're also just floating through the atmosphere.   We're swirling around now and some haunted tones come through.   As we screech our way up high, we begin to come back down with some sonar and beeps.  It just feels like we're in some sort of spaceship, but then the strings come through with modem distortion.   Everything gets much faster as we reach the end.  


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