Music Review // Tara MacLean "Kiss in December"

Tara MacLean has a very distinct sound.   This is slow with acoustics and by the end you can hear these strings come through in other ways, which make it just feel stronger.  I feel like winter has this power over it to feel sad (because everything is cold and dying) and so the whole mood of this song just works.

When I think about December, it's funny because it's December right now but I don't think about going out a lot.  I think if I went on a date with someone you wouldn't want to walk them to their door but rather kind of kick them out of your car to maintain the heat.  So this idea of being able to kiss someone and spark this love story is not impossible but it's not for people who like to hide from the cold (like me).

At the same time, there's this whole idea in the song where two people share a kiss, one says that they love the other but they cannot stay.  Perhaps it's that holiday influence over me, but for some reason when I heard that line I thought that this song was about a snowman.   He's leaving because he's melting.  

While that might not be the direct intent it is nice to think of as a metaphor.  But really what Tara MacLean has done here is created a song which can be played primarily in December and fit right in with those holiday mixes that take over this time of year, but also this can be played not just in December and that makes it truly special.  


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