Record Review // Myles Bullen "Mourning Travels" (Fake Four Inc.)

Myles Bullen is truly one of a kind.  When you think back to how music changed with artists like The Beatles and even just in the time of Elvis Presley you have that idea of other sounds being out there but there wasn't as much access to it.   How do you write about someone like Madonna for the first time?   This is how I feel about Myles Bullen.

Throughout these songs there are elements of both hip hop and pop but something else.  You can hear a ukulele and at times it even feels like rock.  But the way it all comes out is maybe close to a modern artist such as Twenty One Pilots but it isn't even exactly like them so there just isn't a clear comparison to be made here.

As much as I enjoy this album lyrically and many of the songs are about mental health, the way the music sounds is just unlike anything I've heard before.   I'd really enjoy a Myles Bullen beat tape or for Myles Bullen to do a cassette release with Hand'Solo where one side is songs with lyrics and the other side is the instrumentals.  

Once you listen to Myles Bullen and understand their sound, you will only ever be able to hear it as Myles Bullen.   Though these songs can be about loss and in that sense sad, I think the overall aspect of this album is that we go through hardships in our lives but we're all going through them.  Sometimes just knowing someone else is out there to relate with what we're going through can be enough and hopefully you can find that in Myles Bullen.  


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