Record Review // The Bongoloids "The Barn" (ShanGORIL La Records)

This record is such a trip.  It starts off innocently enough.  I mean, it's not that innocent, but it starts off with electronics which make me think of an old pinball machine.   It's instrumental at first, but there are sounds like a flute coming through on "don't axxe me".    It can feel both electronic and trippy at the same time, like something out of "Alias" or "Run Lola Run".

"You Bein Watch" really brings forth the sound of the horns.   Then on "I Hate Mike", it comes out like this rap song, sort of like Darko The Super, and it's just wild.   After this song, for the last four songs, it just becomes really trippy.  I feel like the first half of this album was preparing you for what was about to happen and when it hits, it hits hard.   This becomes really trippy on the flip side and I love every second of it.  


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