Cassette Review // Max Hamel / Zach Rowden "TPMMUTON II"

This begins with that feeling of metal detectors and electronics.  Robotics come in now, as you can hearing the beeping.   There is this overall feeling of electronics moving, with distortion in here as well, so it can really feel like we're in this specific set of sounds with the electronics but then all of a sudden something comes in to take us out of that.  

By the end, this begins to come blasting through in a harsh way.   The electronics become more aware and then a lightsaber sound cuts through it all.   As quickly as it all starts, it just as quickly comes to a stop.  This was a fun, fast paced ride that felt hectic at times but overall just did not let up even at the very end.

On the flip side we begin with an audio clip saying "Oh hi Vin this is Rich".  A scream.  A low tone drone now.   The words are coming through more distorted now and a wave of static is washing over it all.  An engine is revving up.   The sound quiets down and turns into this ticking that I can't quite describe.

Words are coming through the distortion now and beeps can be heard.   This feels like a tape from inside of an answering machine is being manipulated and I've always wondered about what happened to all of those old tapes from old answering machines.   Static is bursting through like lasers.    The original message remains in here but there are other words and this just feels like a fun alternative to voicemail.  


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