My Five Favorite Albums Released in November 2023

 During the month of November I had some issues that prevented me from going out as much as I would have liked to, but staying in allowed me to listen to more music to make my Top 5 easier.  As I sit here, typing this in November, realizing we have only one month left this year, I'm not sure whether or not I will continue this endeavor next year.  

Dreamwheel "Redeemer"

One of my favorite parts about this EP, and Dreamwheel, is that while this has a sound of rock with elements of shoegaze in it, there is this sound which doesn't really compare with other artists out there.   It's somewhere between Metric and The Cure, but the fact that even the overall sound is so distinct really makes this something you should be listening to.

With the melodies, there is passion and depth in the lyrics.  The musical side of this can also be shown off, as the song "Bayou Rouge" is six minutes in length and there is certainly no shortage of rock within here.   Feeling both familiar and new at the same time makes this one of the best EPs you'll ever hear and I'm looking forward to what is next for Dreamwheel while still playing this on repeat. 

Matmos "Return to Archive"

I started listening to Matmos back in 2020 when they released "The Consuming Flame", a CD I have which is quite a lot to digest.   Though this isn't their first release this year, it's one that got me thinking about how much I enjoy Matmos but I don't think I've ever written about them before.

Matmos has such a strange way of making music but I completely like it.  When I was younger, I used to do things that I'm sure we all did like bang pencils onto a coffee can and wonder how we could translate that to some sort of drumming.  But Matmos just seems to take those non-traditional tools and use them to create weird electronic music that is both fun and brilliant.  

Like a Doll "Like a Doll"

Like a Doll has such a great dreamy distorted sound that it'd be hard to not like them.   They remind me of Slothrust at times and just everything I like about rock music along these lines.  "Always" has these desolate guitar notes plus water sounds while "In The Water Was a Sea" has these nice starts and stops.

"Don't throw your words" is a catchy song which I really feel could be one of the main singles on the album.   At times this has those vibes of being a weird indie rock album, but at the same time it can be full of so much distortion that I feel like the weird maybe isn't as weird.  

Autogramm "Music That Humans Can Play"

Autogramm has such a fun rock sound because listening to this album can make me feel like we're taking a trip through time.   New wave synth begins this album but then it goes into both the styles of Bruce Springsteen and The Replacements before hitting the fourth song.  "Why Do We Dance" feels like Devo and from there we go into synths and punks right up until the end.

The way that Autogramm can take this sound and use it throughout this whole album is quite remarkable.   The specific genre might vary from song to song, but before it's all said and done you still have that feeling of underlying rock which connects all these songs.   This is just a fun album to put on at either a party or just while dancing around your living room by yourself.  

Spunsugar "A Hole Forever"

Spunsugar has that perfect sound where it feels like music of the present and the past combine.   Elements of new wave and just rock music you'd expect to hear in the 1990's come out in here as much as influences of artists such as All Get Out.  

The melodies in here are what is key, as they are in every song no matter what genre and time period they seem to be from.   But Spunsugar isn't afraid to move around genres and I enjoy that as well.  


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