Cassette Review // The Binary Marketing Show "Dancing With Shadows" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

This cassette begins with the sound of electronic insects.   This takes us into this deep, droning.  It feels like we're chanting now, meditating, through this sound.   Words can be heard spoken in the background.   We've gone into this carousel type of ride now as the synths expand to where they feel like they're screaming.   As it feels like we are going into the woods, into the open sky, a distinct chanting/singing can be heard behind this song as well.

A more magical sound is coming through with the synth now as beats also come in.   This feels a little bit like it could go into an Owl City song.   Singing comes in and makes me think more about someone like Flaming Lips.   This takes us into a song full of electronics, some singing and Darko the Super rapping over it all.  

We are now into a softer song with vocals and what sounds like a bird chirping.   It all builds up angelic with the acoustics, but that one bird sound still remains.   This takes us into a deeper electronic sound with higher up vocals.   It feels like a twisted pop song.   I can feel the triumph come through like trumpets.   It feels like we are caught in the waves now, drowning.   Tones ring through like glass.  Screaming and speaking at the same time.  

On the flip side now we have some singing with beeps and boops plus just an overall ambient feeling.   This is really fun and upbeat sounding now.   We've dropped off into some nice beats now.   Vocals are coming through, but it feels more like spoken word than anything else.   "Smile, it all feels like a show".   The lyrics then turn to "You are not alone here", which feels rather comforting.

I can hear birds now and voices are talking about the birds.   This is like a nature film now.    There is a back and forth warbly noise now with singing like Enya behind it and this part can just put me into a trance.   It gets to the point where it feels as if this entire sound is consuming us and it just sort of ends feeling like it has taken us away from where we are to some other place.   It all really feels quite surreal.  


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