Record Review // Fred Cracklin "Anxiety Kinship"

The sound of Fred Cracklin can range from free jazz to metal.  As this album begins, there is a sound of a wild accordion.  This brings us into this "Phantom of the Opera" type of vibe and there is a ringing.   Through wild starts and stops, I'm reminded of artists such as FBTMOF.   Big, heavy, distorted chords just start reigning down.

This is both loud and sharp.  Distorted beeps come through with the guitar.  It's fast paced and destructive.   The sound of chaotic piano keys comes through now.   This overall can feel rather trippy.   By "Toucan" I can hear those free jazz vibes.  It gets heavier on "Boar Drill", which reminds me of Primus.

Somewhere between laughing and modems we continue with starts and stops like metal.  I imagine this album as being a lot like driving a car.   Your car hits this patch of ice and you spin, going around a corner and you somehow you feel like you're about to drive off of a cliff.  Then, out of nowhere, you're just able to grab control.  Tires screeching, your within inches of going off the edge but you somehow manage to save yourself.  


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