Music Review // Action Forever "Loveless Love"

When listening to this song there is a sense of R&B, soul and pop.   Though there are likely more modern influences to compare this with, I'm taken to the past with Action Forever.   I hear these elements of George Michael and Color Me Badd.  For me, overall, this just has that sound I would've heard on Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day.

So in that regard, as this song is smooth and actually does sing about killing a man just to get to the "Loveless Love", the question is what is this all about?  On one hand, "Loveless Love" could very simply be broken down into the act of sex for pleasure but with no love involved.   That seems to be the obvious way for your mind to go with this sound as well because it just feels like a song you'd put on for that time as well.

But this song can really carry a deeper meaning if you can allow yourself to feel it.  If you've ever been in a relationship with someone just to have it end, you might have felt like you were in love but later on you realized you actually weren't.   This is that idea of being in love but maybe only for the summer or only until you find out what love actually is.

Regardless of how deep you want to take this, I enjoy the levels of it not only lyrically but musically.  This just has all the makings of a hit sound just based upon the way it comes across.   I'm not really sure who this even sounds like in a modern way which feels more like a problem with modern music and so just to have this sound represented is enough to be listening to Action Forever.  


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