Cassette Review // Vicky Von Vicky "Goodbye My Love"

Right away I enjoy this song by Vicky Von Vicky because at the heart of it, "Goodbye My Love" is a breakup song but it feels so upbeat and fun it makes me feel less sad if I was going through a breakup.   The music here resembles that of Buddy Holly, "That Thing You Do!" and even Weezer, but ultimately these guitar starts and stops are just plain fun.

People will come and go throughout your life for various reasons and I think it takes a lot of maturity and intelligence to recognize that.  I think people look at their lives as a movie or a book and so you expect these same characters throughout it, but when you look at your life as a series of books or movies then you can see where one ends and another begins.  

This music video is full of scenes such as cars driving off, birds flying away and even the train tracks left behind us.   There is the line: "But I thought I was the one", which goes to show how a lot of people can feel, but ultimately this song does a great job of coming to that realization of the two not being meant for each other and so they say goodbye.

I feel like I really like this song too because there is a mix of emotion and straight-forwardness to it.   On one hand, yes, it does feel like you're going through an emotion such as sadness because it's over and you're saying goodbye.  But at the same time, it feels like you're coping with it and so it feels like it's being accepted in a matter of fact way.  Regardless, this song should help you next time you have to say goodbye.  


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