Music Review //
"The Subtle Extravaganza"

The sound of Vectralux feels like an electro prog rock band.  There are big guitar solos throughout these songs and they seem to favor the music over lyrics.   A little bit of Bruce Springsteen and Huey Lewis can be heard in here as well, though it feels like Vectralux utilizes those classic rock sounds to create something new.

While the songs are at an even tempo, "The Top" slows down to become a sort of ballad.  The titles of these songs have little to actually do with the lyrics in the sense that the lines you'll pull out of the chorus and start singing first aren't going to also be the titles.  "Ghosts", for example, sings a lot about crashing down.  

I've always felt strongly about the idea that if you took music back to the 1950's era of Buddy Holly rock n roll and looked at everything from then up until now, you should be able to take bits and pieces and create your own sound.   There are influences in here I don't even recognize but this is the perfect example of taking something old and making it new again.

Vectralux also just has a lot of melody in their sound, which makes these songs easy on the ears.  This is the type of rock music that's loud, but not too loud.  It's there to be heard but it's not overly aggressive.  I feel like that makes this more accessible to people in the sense that it won't really have reasons for you to not listen to it.