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The music of DEAR-GOD feels diverse but also very intense.  There aren't that many modern musicians that I'd compare DEAR-GOD with except for maybe someone like Ho99o9.  There are these big, distorted beats on this song and it feels like it's somewhere between hip hop and nu metal.   

If this was a song that came out back in the mid to late 1990's, I would've thought that DEAR-GOD would fit in well with Kottonmouth Kings and that sort of hip hop crowd, but in the year 2023 this song can take on even new meaning as it's got these sort of industrial aspects to it, like that first Filter album.

I think of this song as either being one of two things, though they are ultimately the same thing.  Either this is a hip hop song infused with those industrial sounds or it's an industrial sound with a hip hop edge to it.   Either way, these are both genres I enjoy so when you combine them- no matter which one is enhancing the other- the sound comes out as unique.

And I really do think of this as being like Ho99o9 as well simply because DEAR-GOD seems to have that sound where you could put them on a show with other hip hop artists and it'd fit right in or you could put them on a show with nu metal or electronica type artists (like Pitchshifter) and it'd be a perfect fit as well.  Somewhere between that "Judgment Night" soundtrack and the Family Values tour, DEAR-GOD is mastering this art.  


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