Music Review //
Julian Loida

This song begins with a piano piece and carries on for quite some time as it builds with other sounds but stays instrumental.   Eventually, the vocals come out and begin singing but there is just something within this song which feels classical.   If you removed the piano, it could be a band like Copeland or Spitalfield, but the way the piano just makes it feel more classical is a lovely approach to a genre that might not exist yet.

Everything slows down near the end and the piano keys come out one at a time, rather faded, and then it just ends.   This song also feels more classical and less traditional than a verse/chorus/verse song because it seems to have three parts.  It opens with an instrumental piece, turns into something more upbeat and with vocals and then just becomes minimal as it reaches the end.

There is a music video to accompany this song and it is rather fitting.  The main character is in the woods and just dancing around.  Going with the theme of the music, the dancing part way feels like ballet (the classical music side) and at other times it just seems like an interpretive dance (the rest of the sound)  At times the dancer is just sitting down, but for the most part remains dancing along with the music, a perfect visualization of what we are hearing.

I definitely feel like classical music is a genre that doesn't try to break through into the world of pop but it really should.  To have someone guide people into discovering new music through their music is always a plus and so if Julian Loida can use this song as a way for people to listen to music they might not otherwise listen to than it is all worth it.  But this is also just a great song regardless of all of that.  


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