Music Review //
Emery Pulse
"Heart Fulfilled"

The sound of Emery Pulse largely reminds me of that bubblegum pop, from the mall era in the 1980's/1990's.   Artists such as Tiffany and Debbie Gibson come to mind, as the singers who feel similar in the modern way just don't seem to hold up.  

While dreamy, the sound also just seems to swirl around and feel moderately paced so as to feel like we're on a carousel ride as well.  This is highlighted by the movement in the music video as well.   This whole video is in CGI which makes it partly look like the Disney movie "Frozen" but also a video game.

During scenes when the main character is singing into a microphone I can't help but think that I've played this video game before and similarly sang into a microphone.  But then there are other scenes, like floating in a hot air balloon, that just catch you off guard.   I've never tried to make a music video before, but I assume this would be a less expensive way to do it so it's curious that more artists don't.

Whether you watch the video or not (and at first I was a little thrown off by the realness of it) this song is still blissful and a delight.  The music is there in a nostalgic way, but also artists these days aren't really doing this style so much so it also just seems to serve that need for music such as this in modern times.