Music Review //
Puma Jane
"Glass Curtain"

Puma Jane tackles a subject in "Glass Curtain" that I think most people can relate with and I know that I certainly can.  The idea of the song is that God built a curtain to hide our past, but the curtain was built out of glass so our past is actually on display for all to see- at least it feels that way.   I believe people should be allowed to grow and change and shouldn't be judged solely by their past.  Who you were ten years ago doesn't have to be who you are today.

This song starts off somber, with just the vocals and piano, but kicks in.  There is a sense of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey about it that I truly do enjoy.   A definite soul exists within this song and as it seems to blossom and grow musically throughout, it ends with these horns and just this feeling of free jazz, which really also just takes it across genres.

In life it feels like we put a lot of emphasis on who we were and possibly always being known for that.  But as we're younger and becoming, we are hopefully learning as we grow.  We all make mistakes and so as long as we can learn from them they shouldn't define who we are.  Often times it feels like that idea we have created in our minds of who other people think we are can prevent our true self from growing.

Near the end of this song, Puma Jane sings: "And I'm shedding / all the weight on my back".  It's important to remember who you are and where you came from, but don't let the problems in your past define who you are today.  Listen to "Glass Curtain" for some guidance and then you too can also take the next steps into letting go.  


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